Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Easy Is It to Cancel The Management Agreement?

    Our management agreement is month-to-month after 60 days with NO termination fees or penalties.
  • Are There Any Fees Hidden In the Agreement?

    We only charge two management fees and they can be viewed through this link: Pricing
  • I’m Concerned about Your Zero Security Deposit Option for Tenants. How Does It Work?

    Obligo uses Open-banking technology to underwrite and obtain a pre-collection from prospective Residents. The line of credit that is established for the resident can be accessed by the owner/management company for any damages/ missed rent, etc. during the term of the lease and up to 45 days after the lease has ended. The process is seamless, transparent and takes residents minutes to complete. Tenants must qualify through minimum credit score and financial requirements in order to be eligible for this exclusive program.

    Obligo Resident Overview
  • How Much Money Do I Have to Place in Reserves?

    We require a reserve of $300 to be placed in your account. This money is used to fund your account and may be used to pay expenses on the property that are incurred before or after you receive the rental income each month.
  • How Fast Do I Get My Money?

    We close our accounting cycle by the 15th day of each month and disburse funds through a secure ACH transfer directly into your bank account.
  • How Do You Handle Maintenance Requests from Tenants?

    We have a large network of licensed and insured contractors and vendors. Tenants have access to a 24/7 Maintenance Hotline and are able to talk to experienced contractors who troubleshoot issues, de-escalating repair requests 40% of the time. When issues cannot be resolved over the phone, we will coordinate with the tenant and vendor to address the problem ASAP.
  • Do I Need To Make Any Changes to My Insurance Policy?

    If you have not already done so, you must advise your insurance company that the property will be a rental unit and also file a change in status if you have a homeowners exemption on the property. Have your agent name Elevate Hawaii Management LLC as an additional insured, or property manager in your liability policy. We need this proof of insurance in our files. We must be provided copies proving coverage no later than thirty (30) days after signing the Property Management Agreement.
  • Do You Make General Excise Tax Filings on My Behalf?

    As long as the property or properties we are managing on your behalf are the only sources of income subject to GE Taxes, we will be able to make the scheduled filings for you. If you have other sources of income or properties not within our management that are subject to GE Taxes, we will not be able to provide this service on your behalf.